Sunday, October 7, 2012

10 Cheap Things: New York City

There are millions of things to do in New York City, and here I will highlight some of my favorite affordable things to do in the Big Apple. If you've been planning a trip, or currently live New York then you know how expensive this city can be. So here are some fun and affordable options for the city:

10.) The New York Aquarium - Coney Island 

The suggested donation on Pay What You Wish to See the Friday Fish Day is $13.00 at the New York Aquarium at Coney Island. But having been there several times, I would suggest you only pay a few dollars to get in.

9.) New York Transit Museum

 If you live in New York or your planning a trip, I would suggest visiting the  New York Transit Museum. Here you can learn about the history of the amazing transit system, and see some great artifacts. It's a true New York museum celebrating the real New York way of travel.

8.) Chinese Bus to Atlantic City

Are you a gambler? Would you like to get away from the city for the day? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then I would suggest heading to Chinatown and jumping on one of their buses to Atlantic City. You will pay roughly $12.00 for a round trip bus ticket, but once you arrive to the casino you will be given $20.00 to begin placing your bets. So you are technically getting paid to visit what is the second largest gaming town in the country. Enjoy.    

7.) Cathedral of St. John the Devine

Head to Morningside Heights and enjoy the largest cathedral in the world, along with their biblical gardens.

6.) Charles A. Dana Discovery Center

Do you like to fish? If so, then you should head to the Charles A. Dana Discovery Center. Here children of all ages can fish, and they will provide you with the equipment you need to get started. The only catch is that you have to throw your catch back.

5.)  Julliard School

There is no greater place for the performing arts than Julliard. Here you will find the world's most talented musicians, dancers, and actors. Come and enjoy one of their FREE live shows.

4.) Big Traffic

Max Silvestri, Gabe Liedman and Jenny Slate have teamed up and helped put Williamsburg in the comedy spotlight with their weekly stand-up show, which features touring comedians as well as local stars. Check it out! 

3.) Catch the Subway 

If you are adventurous and not afraid of possibly getting lost in a city of 11 million people, then I would suggest hoping on a subway car and jumping off at a random stop you have never been before. You will get to discover new things and see how others live in this diverse city. You will this to be vary enlightening and liberating. So get out there and try new things.

2.) Walking Tours

Walking tours are some of the most education and fun tours you can experience in the city. Many times these tours are led by New York residents, and they can give you the insight into NYC that will have you looking at the city in a whole new way.

Here are some of my favorite tours:

Big Apple Greeters
The New York City Big Adventure
Free Tours by Foot - New York
Bronx Trolley Tours
Made In NY 

1.) Get Lost

Get lost, ask for directions, try news things, and just enjoy the fact you are in the greatest city in the world. 

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  1. If I'm in NYC, I'll definitely check those things out! Getting lost sounds amazing and really fun and the Julliard School seems to be perfect for live music/entertainment. Thanks for sharing :-)