Tuesday, October 9, 2012

NYC FREE: Landmarks & Famous Attractions

New York City is home to more landmarks and other famous attractions than any other place in the country. What's even better is that many of these places are totally free. Here is a list of the best free Landmarks and Famous Attractions in the Big Apple:

1.) Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry runs from Battery Park to Staten Island offering riders a chance to experience amazing views of Lower Manhattan for free. The only bad part is that it takes you to Staten Island.


2.) Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal was built in 1913 and is one of New York City's most famous landmarks. The beautiful ceiling, energy of the crowd, and the sounds of trains docking the stations will make you fall in love with this amazing NYC landmark.


3.) The New York Public Library

Nothing beats the smell of old books! Especially if those old books are housed in the beautiful New York Public Library.  In addition to beautiful architecture and an impressive book collection, the museum is features temporary exhibits on a variety of topics. Once you are finished touring the library, go directly behind the library to my next attraction.


4.) Bryant Park

Smaller than central park, but just as beautiful. Tree lined walkways, hundreds of tables, large lawn and surrounded by mid-town skyscrapers, it's easy to see why people love Bryant Park. Bryant Park also offer free summer movies in their lawn, as well as plays, ice skating and music.   


5.) St. Patrick's Cathedral

Bloomingdale's isn't the only landmark on 5th avenue, because right in the middle of all the amazing shopping sits one of the country's most beautiful cathedrals. St. Patrick's Cathedral is stunning. Words can't describe it.


6.) Rockefeller Center 

Built during the Great Depression, the construction of Rockefeller Center is in the heart of Manhattan. Rockefeller Center has continued to be an important New York City complex and visitors can enjoy the Art Deco architecture, watch live broadcasts of NBC shows and take in the occasional live performances of some of the world's biggest acts.  


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