Wednesday, October 3, 2012

NYC Museums are FREE!

New York is known for being an expensive city to live and play in. But what if I told you that you could visit some of New York's best museums and galleries, and pay-what-you-wish? It's True! Many of these museums will have 'Recommended' cost for admission, sometimes for as much as $25.00 per person. But don't worry about it, because you could give them a penny if you dare, and they will still smile and hand you a ticket.

 Here is a list of museums that are FREE or pay-what-you-wish:

American Folk Art MuseumAmerican Museum of Natural History (pay what you wish)
Bronx Museum (pay what you wish)
Brooklyn Academy of Music's BAMcafé live events
Brooklyn Museum (pay what you wish)
The Cloisters (pay what you wish)
El Museo del Barrio (pay what you wish)
Godwin-Ternbach Museum at Queens College 

Metropolitan Museum of Art (pay what you wish)
Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology
Museum of American Illustration
Museum of Biblical Art (pay what you wish)
National Museum of the American Indian—Smithsonian Institution
New York City Police Museum (pay what you wish)
P.S.1 MoMA (pay what you wish)
Queens Museum of Art (pay what you wish)
SculptureCenter (pay what you wish)
Socrates Sculpture Park
Staten Island Museum (pay what you wish)
Studio Museum in Harlem (pay what you wish)



  2. i really like the articles on this website, but i'm not sure i like the author, Jacob Astor. his profile picture is very creepy. i feel like if i ran into him on the street in NYC, he would try to lure me into an ally and rape me.