Friday, October 5, 2012

Central Park: The Happiest Place on Earth

Central Park could rival Disney World as being the happy place on earth. Well, during the daytime anyway. There is so much to explore within the park's 843 acres. It's one place that both residents and tourists love equally, and once you step into the park you will immediate appreciate all beauty. There is a sports complex, zoo, amusement park, ponds, flower gardens, a castle and so much more. That's right, I said a castle

For the lovebirds, take a carriage ride through the park or enjoy a picnic on the lawn. During the winter time, there is nothing more romantic than ice skating on the pond before dusk. And for the parents, you can take your kids to the awesome zoo, or amusement park.

Here is a list of my top things to do in Central Park:

1.) The Loeb Boathouse

2.) Shakespeare in the Park

3.) Picnic in the Park

4.) Get Lost in the Park

5.) A Clearing in the Forest

6.) Central Park Circuit (Running)

*Fun Fact: From 1864 to 1934 a flock of pedigree sheep grazed in the park.  They where removed to prospect parkin Brooklyn in 1934.

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